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FALL IN LOVE | 10 New Trends to Try This Season

via Le Château

This time of year is all about starting fresh. Whether you're heading back to school or graduated so many years ago you'd frankly rather stop counting (just me?), September brings with it that sense that something new's about to happen. And it probably will - after all, as the long & lazy days of summer come to an end, you probably feel a renewed sense of energy to get back to business. And, even if you plan on making summer last for-e-ver (and ever and ever), you can always start fresh with fashion. Sometimes, a new pair of jeans, some cozy sweaters and the perfect pair of ankle boots are all it takes to feel like a new woman, no major life changes required.

If you're ready to try something new, this season's the perfect time to switch things up - from a statement choker to a pair of metallic loafers, these 10 trends are SO this season. Speaking of starting fresh, I'm off to do something new, too, Intercity. Had so much fun shopping (and blogging) with you. xx

STYLIST TIPS | Who says you shouldn't show your love for flowers all year long? On a black backdrop, a flower print dress looks perfectly on point. Simply add opaque black tights (when it gets too cold or your legs get too pale to go bare) a pair of ankle or over-the-knee black boots and a little denim jacket to look like anything but a wallflower this fall. 

WE LOVE | Soft & Sexy Mock Neck Dress, $52, American Eagle

STYLIST TIPS | If you wore a minimalist choker all summer, fall's the perfect time to take your neck game next level. Keep it cool with a thick black collar (fashion buzzword), an OTT statement sparkler or a pearl embellished beauty. P.S. Anything with oversized pearls is a big Fall '16 'do'. 

WE LOVE | Black Collar, $15, ALDO; Embellished Choker, $35, ALDO | Metal Choker wity Pearls, $35, RW&CO.

STYLIST TIPS | They're your fave distressed boyfriend jeans, except pulled apart, then patched back together. If you already love distressed jeans, then you'll love the new deconstructed twist. Simply add a black turtleneck, black ankle boots and a moody filter for your Insta feed. 

WE LOVE | Tomgirl Jean, $79, American Eagle

STYLIST TIPS | Emojis are such a personal choice. Some of us are unicorns, some are heart eyes, some are crying laughers and others just don't emoji at all. While your phone might be loaded with emojis, you might not have worn them until now, and since plastering your bomber, overalls or backpack with emojis might feel a little permanent, a clutch is totally non-commital. Wear it whenever you want to express yourself - obviously this clutch expresses that you're 100% ready for a super fun night. 

WE LOVE | Emoji Clutch, $30, ALDO


STYLIST TIPS | You can never go wrong with nude shoes, until you realize you have 5 identical pairs and suddenly, you're Kate Middleton. Whom we all love. Obviously. Except have you looked at her shoe game lately? Weak. If you're a nude shoe addict, try shifting to something slightly different this fall - namely pale pink or metallic - as wearable as your nudes but way more fash-un. 

WE LOVE | Pink Suede Ankle Boots, $130, ALDO; Silver Block Heel Loafers, $100, ALDO; Block Heel Ballerina, $90, ALDO

STYLIST TIPS | Don't drag yourself to work in basic black pants or leggings every day. Pleated pants are slouchy enough to look cool yet polished enough to look profesh. Add a crisp white blouse, killer heels and a pearl choker (see above) to look like you know what's up. 

WE LOVE | Modern Crepe Pleated Pants, $69.90, RW&CO. 

STYLIST TIPS | The hoodie is back and we couldn't be happier. Wear it with pride on all your off-duty days with joggers or jeans and knit sneakers. When the weather cools down, layer it under your bomber jacket for extra style points. 

WE LOVE | VANS Foxtrot Pullover Hoodie, $49, Sport Chek

STYLIST TIPS | When it comes to blazers this season, boyfriend is better. The new long blazer looks like those long cardis you love so much, but the structured silhouette will make you look instantly pulled-together. Wear it over an all-black base (black slouchy pants and a black bodysuit would look amazing with this), or over a chambray shirt and black skinnies to win the weekend. 

WE LOVE | French Terry Boyfriend Blazer, $99.95, Le Château

STYLIST TIPS | If last year's jackets are ready to be recycled, it might be time to try one of fall's cute new jackets. If denim's your fave, try the Fall '16 update - think last year's distressed denim jacket but longer and slouchier, like you've borrowed your boyfriend's jacket. Our other top pick? The silky bomber jacket in a fun print like this amazing green camo - ideal for those early fall months or for layering up under your winter coat later. Go up a size for added coolness. 

WE LOVE | Denim Boyfriend Jacket, $79, American Eagle; Camo Bomber Jacket, $69.95, Garage

STYLIST TIPS | This fall, it's all about the knit kick. From NYC-uniform Flyknits to the new Adidas Ultraboost, these highly textured sneakers are the perfect update to last year's minimalist kicks. Wear them to the gym or (if you're like me) for walking down the street, looking back over your shoulder, as you try to get that street style shot juuuust right.  xx

WE LOVE | Adidas Ultraboost, $209.95, Footlocker; Nike Free Flyknit Sneakers, $175, Footlocker


SCHOOL STARS | 35 Perfectly On-Point Picks for Back to School

via The Children's Place

When it comes to back to school shopping, you need to arm yourself with the basics: backpacks and binders, pencil crayons and pencil cases. You usually need a hair cut. Aaand you probably need to ease yourself back into that school state of mind, meaning that after a long, lazy summer, early bed times and even earlier mornings are a must. Why can't summer last for-e-ver?? WAAAAHHH. 

But back to school fashion, IMO, should never be basic. I mean, how are you supposed to sparkle when you're not wearing any sparkle? How are you expected to perform on the playground when you're not wearing on-point kicks? And since you've probably grown a few inches over the summer, you're going to need pants and tees and sweaters and socks. Do yourself a solid, though and step away from all the solids. Sometimes, a printed pant here, a fun graphic tee there, and some emoji patches to dress up your solid jackets and jeans everywhere are all it takes to score top style marks this fall. 

From pants to tees and all those important little extras in between, this fall's back to school fashion is seriously making me wish these clothes came in grown-up sizes. Happy BTS shopping!



IT'S TRICKY | How to Look Like a Skater Girl (No Flips Required)


I don't have many regrets in life. I managed to get through my teenage years (mostly) unscathed, I travelled when I had the chance, and I followed my dreams to score a career I love. But never learning how to skateboard? Now that I seriously regret. I always watched those girls who could kick it with the boys and thought to myself 'Someday...someday I'll learn.' Now that I'm a mom, I can't think of anything more embarrassing to my kids than me trying to turn tricks..oh wait, I think that means something the skate park. Not to mention, I want them to have a mom so the idea of the trauma that could result if I actually tried to do anything other than roll? Alright, there it is - I've made my point. I rolled past the skater girl cool point a loooong time ago. I've traded lazy days and longboards for an SUV and a Westie and there's no turning back. 

Luckily, fashion's always there to help us live out our dreams. And so, since I'll never ever be a skater girl, I'll just have to dress like one. Skate culture had a huge influence on Spring/Summer runways and ad campaigns - with haute brands like Rosie Assouline, Jimmy Choo and Gucci all embracing skater style in a big way. Slip dresses, Vans, jean shorts and sporty hoodies make the case for just rolling with it this summer, no concussions required. The '90s on wheels? Oh, I'm so down.


HOW TO WEAR IT |  A little black skater dress is flirty and flattering but remember that if you want to go full skater girl, go for sporty not obviously sexy. Switch up heels for a pair of cute kicks (see below), a choker and easy beachy waves. After all, a true skater girl spends more time on her tricks than her hair. 

WE LOVE | Cross-Over Fit & Flare Dress, $36.95, Garage

HOW TO WEAR THEM | If you're ready to hit the skate park, the dog park or just plan on parking your car and going shopping (um, yup), comfy kicks are a must. This summer, I'm all about classic VANS like cool white hi-tops or fun black & white checks. 

WE LOVE | VANS SK8 Hi Slim Shoe, $74.99, Sport Chek; VANS Chex Slip-On, $60, Boathouse

HOW TO WEAR IT | Just cause you're rolling with the boys doesn't mean you can't dress like a girl. We love this soft pink bomber for warding off the chill if you decide to go late night with your skater squad. 

WE LOVE | Tencel Bomber Jacket, $66, American Eagle

HOW TO WEAR IT | So much of skateboarding style is about personality - from the deck you choose to the clothes you wear. These DIY patches are perfect for showing off what you love - other than skateboarding obvs. 

WE LOVE | 4-Pack DIY Patch Sets, $7.95, Garage

HOW TO WEAR IT | A plaid shirt is perfect for tying around your waist with a plain white tank and jean shorts or even with a little bodycon dress. If you don't find a plaid you love in the women's section, don't be afraid to borrow from the boys. 

WE LOVE | Boyfriend Plaid Shirt, $23, American Eagle

HOW TO WEAR IT | Striped shirts are a summer classic but it's important not to confuse the message. So how do you avoid a nautical disaster? Keep your stripes fitted and as cropped as you can handle to look rad on any ramp. 

WE LOVE | Crew Neck Bodycon Rib Top, $22.95, Garage

HOW TO WEAR THEM | Love to take risks? A pair of sporty knee socks are a must if you want to look like a true skater chick. Go for classic white with black stripes or play around with a fun print to look crazy cute from sunrise to sunset. Would you? Could you? You so should. 

WE LOVE | Adidas Originals Bananas Socks, $15.99, Sport Chek

HOW TO WEAR THEM | Never underestimate the power of a perfect pair of jean shorts. To keep the vibe sporty, go for a pair that's not too short and not too tight to pair with your hoodie and VANS. 

WE LOVE | Denim Rolled Boy Midi Short, $46, American Eagle

HOW TO WEAR IT | Since you can't turn a corner without seeing a cold shoulder this summer, you might as well make it work for your #skaterlife, too. A fitted off-the-shoulder with jean shorts (or jeans) and a plaid shirt tied around your waist is a perfect 2016 take on grunge that looks equally cute whether you choose to walk or roll. 

WE LOVE | Off Shoulder Midi Sweater, $20, Garage

HOW TO WEAR IT | In the middle of a heat wave, you might want to kick it in a Kangol. But on a cool August night or an early fall day (not that we're going to go there yet - ewww), a ribbed beanie with long hair is the cutest. 

WE LOVE | Rib Beanie, $12.95, Garage

HOW TO WEAR IT | The fashion world forgot about the humble hoodie for awhile but it's being touted as one of fall's top trends. You can never go wrong with slouchy and oversized or classic grey but this black & white beauty really caught my eye. Oh, and if you happen to be a mom who wants to go incognito at the skate park and try out just a few tricks and not totally embarrass your kids, hoodies are really great for hiding out. What?NOOOO, what are you talking about? That totally wasn't me. 

WE LOVE | VANS Foxtrot Pullover Hoodie, $64.99, Sport Chek